5 Tips to Sanitize Your Car During the COVID 19 Outbreak

disinfect your car coronavirus

While washing your hands frequently and disinfecting surfaces can prevent the spread of germs indoors, what measures can you take if you have to venture outside? Experts recommend sanitizing your car regularly to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus while you’re out for groceries and other essential items.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. 

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is not a new form of a virus but it is one that has been around for quite some time. However, the new coronavirus (COVID 19) is a much lethal and deadlier version of the virus that initiated back in Wuhan City and has now slowly engulfed the entire world in its dreadful grasp. However, due to the nature of the survivability of this virus, it hardly stays alive on the surface for long. Yet, it is very contagious and can easily get spread through normal human contact just like the flu. 

Can My Vehicle Get Infected with the Coronavirus?

The answer is no because the virus can only infect the human body. Due to its poor survivability, it may not remain on the vehicle’s surface for long. However, we do advise that if the vehicle is not properly sanitized or cleaned on a regular basis, it can become home to various infections and germs. Therefore, we encourage just about everyone to use sanitizers and disinfecting wipes to keep the interior of the car clean. Also, it will be best if you wash the external surfaces and keep your hands sanitized on an hourly basis. In this way, there will be less of a chance for the virus to get contracted. 

These steps may seem like overkill when practiced over and over again, but it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health and the safety of your loved ones.

Follow these crucial tips to properly sanitize your car during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Clean frequently touched areas

Clean your car before you disinfect it. Cleaning first removes dust and other particles so the disinfectant can work deeper to remove all traces of germs. 

Next, you should take particular care to disinfect the touch-points of your vehicle before and after every trip. Such areas include the door handles, car keys and fob, steering wheel, gear, console, cup holders, dashboard buttons, seat-belts, and rear view mirror. 

The rule of thumb here is that anything your hand can come into contact with, you should thoroughly disinfect on a regular basis.

2. Keep disinfecting wipes and sanitizer inside the car

Have disinfecting wipes and sanitizer handy whenever you need them by storing them in the car. Spray your hand with sanitizer after touching any frequently used surface such as ATMs, parking meters, gas pumps, keypads, and public charging stations. 

You might get tired from repeatedly disinfecting and sanitizing your hands and belongings, but this little bit of effort can go a long way in preventing the spread of COVID-19!

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3. Use the right type of cleaners

You can use isopropyl alcohol-based cleaners and disinfecting wipes to sanitize the hard surfaces of your car, excluding the leather seats and touchscreens. 

Leather seats have a special coating to prevent discoloration. Alcohol can destroy that coating and ruin your seats. So to clean the leather interior of your car, you should use soapy water and a soft cloth. Clean gently, without rubbing too hard. 

Use microfiber cloths to wipe any touchscreens inside your vehicle and prevent scratches. Avoid using peroxide-based cleaners and bleach on any part of your car! These can discolor and damage the material. 

4. Travel alone

While you may be used to giving your neighbors and friends a lift around town, we highly recommend you refrain from doing so until this pandemic is over. Remember, social distancing applies while you’re driving as well! Other people may bring germs with them inside your vehicle.

There are other ways to be helpful during the coronavirus pandemic, however. You can ask your neighbors to text you the list of items they need from the grocery store and drop them off outside their house. 

5. Limit the duration and number of trips

When you’re out running an important errand, try to keep the trip as short as possible. Sanitize your hands before opening your car door and touching any part of your vehicle. Wear disposable gloves or use disinfecting wipes when handling the shopping cart and grocery items. Thoroughly disinfect your car after you get home. Don’t venture outside for anything except the essential requirements!

We hope you found these tips useful. Please stay home and stay safe! 

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