All the Reasons to Perform Lock Rekeying When You Shift to a New House


Concerned about home security and not quite sure what to do? If you don’t have the budget to purchase new lock & keys for your home, then you can always choose a lock rekeying service. Lock rekeying is the process of changing the internal pins in your lock so they can work on a completely new set of keys. Your neighborhood might not be the safest place. If break-ins do occur in the neighborhood often and you’re not sure what to do in case a similar incident takes place at your premises, then lock rekeying can again be a good option. Whether you’ve already been a victim of a break-in or you’re someone on the list to experience it, don’t take the risk! Call a professional lock rekeying service to provide the best security. 

If you’re still not sure why you should get a lock rekeying service, well here are a few reasons for you. 

When You Have Lost Your Keys

If you’ve had to lend out keys and they haven’t been returned, it might be time for a rekeying service. This could apply not only to homeowners who have lent their house keys but also to contractors or employees with missing keys. Rekeying services can help prevent security issues like break-ins if the original owner of your lost key no longer needs access into your home/business premises.

When your Roommate Moves Out

A rekeying service is often requested when someone lends out their keys and the recipient does not return them. This could happen for a number of reasons, but it’s common among pet sitters or contractors who are given keys to homes or businesses that have not been returned. Among them, it could be your roommate as well who has just planned to move out! So beware, and get your home locks rekeyed instantly. 

After a Bad Breakup or a Divorce

After a breakup or divorce, it’s generally good practice to have your locks rekeyed as an added precaution. Some individuals can be vengeful and vindictive after their feelings are hurt, which is why we recommend having one’s home securely locked up. Unfortunately, there have been stories about breakups resulting in exes stealing things from homes like TV sets and electronic equipment because of bad blood between the two parties involved.

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You’re Planning to Simplify Home Access

Having multiple entryways in your home with a bunch of locks can be difficult to manage. You need the right key for each lock, and there’s no way you’re going to remember which one is used for what door! Rekeying all those doors so they only require one master key will save time by eliminating any confusion about where that extra set of keys went or how many copies were made before.

Getting Your Property Rekeyed After Home Renovations 

Many homeowners and businesses choose to have their property re-keyed after a renovation. This is practical, but it also leaves them open to security risks because they often leave spare keys with the individuals or companies providing services. Many people will choose this option so workers of renovation projects can easily enter/exit without needing extra keys from owners. In this way, you can secure your home from potential intruders and stay safe. 

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