5 Door Lock Problems Which Can Eventually Lead To Complete Door Damage

Door Lock Problems

Imagine a person stuck in the washroom for hours just because the door got jammed, and the lock wouldn’t work. It’s a pretty common scenario, many people have experienced such door lock problems. 

The point here is, everything in this world demands maintenance, be it a chair, a table, or simply a door. Without proper care and attention, the durability of things reduces? to a great level which can trigger many problems such as door lock issues. 

People deal with different kinds of problems with their door locks. Like any other hardware, locks can deteriorate with continual usage. What’s unfortunate is that the majority of the people often don’t contact the locksmith until it’s too late to address the issue. 

Therefore, this article is here to shed light on some of the major door lock problems that can wreck your fine-looking doors.

The 5 Common Door Lock Problems

Misaligned Door Lock

This is an issue that occurs when the door lock isn’t aligned with the strike plate. In simple words, a door with this problem doesn’t shut properly or function smoothly. There are several ways to deal with this minor problem either through the adjustment of the strike plate or deepening the plate if it’s repairable. Otherwise, in a non-repairable situation, locksmiths tend to focus on realigning the door with a new lock. 

The Keys Don’t Lock The Door

This is a common problem where the keys turn in the knob, but the door doesn’t get locked. It may be possible that the issue is with the mechanism itself. Most of the time, small fallen or damaged parts can cause the key to turn in the locks without moving the knobs. If a person is knowledgeable in this field, then he can easily remove the door lock to see if there are any ruined parts. Lubricating the keyhole by spraying graphite is a good remedy to get rid of such a problem. In another case, just simply contact a locksmith to prevent any sort of serious damage to the door.

Jammed Doors

Dealing with jammed doors is very common. The jamming of doors is a result of jammed locks or latches which can be due to the accumulated dirt clogging the internal mechanisms. Apart from this, a broken lock bolt or latch can cause the jamming of the door. To fix this, it’s necessary to tap the root cause first by diagnosing the problem. If the door is stuck as a result of a clogged keyway, then the first step is to get the keyway cleaned. The doors that are jammed due to a broken lock or bolt, require repairing or replacement.

A Turning Lock Cylinder

Of all the lock problems, this one is the easiest to identify, but certainly not the easiest to rectify. When the key is inserted in the lock cylinder, the locking or unlocking of the door should take place. However, if the whole lock cylinder turns, it’s a sign of a major issue: perhaps a loose screw or a damaged screw set. Because it hinders the locking mechanism, a person cannot lock the doors, or face a lockout situation. To fix such an issue, accessing the screw set, holding the cylinder in place is important. For some locks, the whole faceplate will have to be removed, while for others, part of the door lock shall require removal. 

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Broken Key In The Lock

When the key breaks inside the lock and gets stuck, it not only locks the individual out of their premises but can damage other parts of the lock as well. Unfortunately, fixing this issue is far more than just simply removing the broken key from the lock. Thus, it’s highly recommended not to attempt to resolve this issue and further damage the doors. It’s best to leave it to the people of this field: the locksmiths.

Fast Response Locksmith

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