How Bluetooth Access Control System Can Help Your Business

bluetooth access control system

Whether your business is a restaurant or an office, you will have to deal with the issue of controlling access. For example, in a restaurant, you might need to control when employees are allowed to enter the kitchen. On the other hand, in an office setting, you might wish to control who can enter which rooms. Nowadays this is done primarily through physical keys. However, a much simpler and more cost-effective solution is to use Bluetooth access control equipment.

What is Bluetooth Access Control Systems?

A Bluetooth access control system is a system that can permit or deny people from gaining access to certain areas of your building. They work on the principle that devices such as mobile phones and specially designed electronic keycards or badges contain small radio transceivers or ‘Bluetooth chips’. By using these devices, you can define precisely which rooms they are allowed to enter or when they are allowed to enter the building.

These systems are different from other access control systems in that no physical keys have to be carried by the people who require access. Indeed, a much better alternative to carrying a physical key is to use a mobile phone instead.

What are the Advantages of Having a Bluetooth Access Control System Installed?

There are several advantages to having a Bluetooth access control system installed within your building:

  1. Reduce Costs – A Bluetooth access control system is much cheaper than other physical key based systems such as digital locks and card readers. Once the initial investment has been made in setting up the software, there will be no further costs for each additional key issued.
  2. Increase Security – The traditional way of controlling access in a business is by using physical keys. However, these are simple to copy, and, once copied, they can be used to give unlimited access to whoever holds them. A Bluetooth-controlled system has an additional level of security since users must have their own personal identification device such as a mobile phone.
  3. Save Time – If you have ever lost or misplaced a physical key then you will know just how frustrating it can be to gain access when you need it most. With a Bluetooth system, there is no question of this since each device has its own unique identity and cannot be used by anyone who does not possess it.
  4. No More Wear and Tear – A traditional key-based system will require the provision of physical keys for each person with access to your building (i.e. employees, cleaners). Each time they enter or leave your business premises they must carry these keys with them and this can lead to damage over time. For example, someone with a heavy load may accidentally damage the key as they put it in their pocket or bag. A Bluetooth-based system does not have this issue since each person will have an electronic keycard or badge which they can use to gain access.

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So there are countless benefits of getting a Bluetooth access control system installed at your premises. In this article, we have listed down a few. Are you a business owner who wants to install Bluetooth access control systems at their respective premises? If so then Fast Response Locksmith in Atlanta GA is the place to turn to. We are an experienced locksmith firm that provides exemplary services throughout Atlanta and surrounding cities.