How Do Car Immobilizers Work?

How Car Immobilizer Works

Many vehicles manufactured over the last few decades include an immobilizer system that prevents theft from happening. What’s interesting about an immobilizer key is that it removes the likelihood of your automobile getting stolen. As long as the immobilizer functions correctly, there’s a high chance someone can break into your vehicle and steal your car away. 

What is a Car Immobilizer Key? 

A car immobilizer key is an electronic security device. It protects the engine from powering up through any other key unless the right immobilizer key is present. It takes away many of the worries of an automobile owner, such as someone being able to hotwire the vehicle. 

According to research, there is an almost 40% reduction in car theft incidents from happening, all thanks to car manufacturers shifting to immobilizer keys. 

The Different Types of Car Immobilizers

Mainly, there are two different types of car immobilizer keys available. 

Transponder Immobilizer: A transponder immobilizer contains a small chip within the key that sends out a unique code to the immobilizer unit in the automobile. Once the key is inserted into the ignition system, the code matches the immobilizer and the engine automatically powers up. In case if the code emitted from the transponder key does not match the immobilizer, it will disable the motor starter unit or block the fuel pump, preventing the engine from powering up. 

Smart Key Immobilizers: Smart key immobilizer works differently from a transponder immobilizer. It sends a radio frequency (RF) signal to the vehicle powering the engine up. To start your car, you have to take the smart key immobilizer near the vehicle which will send a signal to the vehicle allowing it to initiate. Just in case, if the key fob is not anywhere near the immobilizer unit, the engine will not respond. 

What Are the Advantages of an Immobilizer Key? 

The immobilizer system is a useful one. It maintains the safety of your vehicle. 

They are difficult to duplicate: You can’t easily duplicate an immobilizer key. They are programmed with a unique code that prevents any person from accessing your vehicle unless they have the exact immobilizer key with them. These keys are special as they can’t be duplicated. 

They offer more security: The chances of a thief hot-wiring a car become minimal. Since the car only responds to a specific coded key, a thief can’t break into your vehicle in any way possible.  

You can remotely start your car’s system: Many vehicles work with an immobilizer key and can be accessed remotely. The immobilizer key comes with a convenient feature giving you complete liberty to access the vehicle from a distance. 

These keys can be programmed: Some immobilizer keys are programmed to work with different security features of a vehicle. They may easily work with your car’s alarm system. 

Some other advantages of immobilizer keys are: 

  • You may get a reduced burden on insurance premiums. 
  • You can easily recover your car if or when it gets stolen. 
  • You can feel more secure by knowing your car is difficult to steal. 

What Are the Signs Your Car Immobilizer Is Not Functioning Properly? 

Just like any other gadget or transponder key, immobilizer keys can also malfunction with the passage of time and constant usage. But how can one know if their immobilizer key is not working optimally? 

Here are a few signs that indicate your immobilizer is not functioning correctly. 

  • The car won’t start even when you use the correct key.
  • The alarm goes off when you try to start the car.
  • The immobilizer light is on the dashboard.
  • You have lost your key fob.

What to Do If Your Car’s Immobilizer Suddenly Stops Working? 

Immobilizer keys are a standard feature on most new cars, but it is always best to check whether they are functioning properly. If your car’s immobilizer key has suddenly stopped working, it’s best to hire a professional automobile locksmith to repair or replace it. 

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