How Do Locksmiths Open Doors?

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Have you ever wondered how locksmiths open doors? Professional and qualified locksmiths possess the necessary tools and expertise to provide access to your front doors with minimal property damage.

Locksmiths are fully equipped and have the required knowledge and professional training to unlock various types of doors effortlessly. Instead of opting in for a new lock installation, getting your door unlock service is the best way forward. If you’re curious about the methods locksmiths use to open locked doors, here are some common techniques they typically apply. 

But first, let’s explore Can locksmiths open doors?” 

Can Locksmiths Open Doors? 

The short answer is YES. A Locksmith possesses the capability to unlock any door type with ease. They carry the tools required to unlock even the most complex door lock mechanisms. Whether you have a traditional lock type or a modern one, a locksmith will know his way around working with these locks with ease. Besides, a certified locksmith is licensed to perform such jobs. So when you call up one, they are usually well-acknowledged and fully equipped to understand what they are doing and how. 

Here are some of the ways a trained & certified locksmith professional can open locked doors. 

Lock Picking 

Lock picking is one of the most common methods used by locksmiths to gain access to locked doors. This process typically involves a skilled locksmith using a lockpicking tool to manipulate the lock and unlock the door. It is a safe and non-destructive method, especially when the lock is in good working condition. The advantage of lock picking is that it preserves the integrity of the lock’s internal mechanism, eliminating the need to replace it in order to use a different set of keys.

Bump Keys 

Another valuable technique employed by many locksmiths is the use of bump keys for lock picking. Bump keys are specifically designed to assist locksmiths in opening pin tumbler locks. This process entails inserting a bump key into the lock and tapping it to align the lock’s pins properly. Once the pins are aligned using the bumps, you can easily turn the key to unlock the door without much effort.

Lock Drilling 

Resorting to lock drilling should be considered a last resort when all other methods have failed, and the lock is beyond repair. In such cases, if you need to regain access to your property, opting for lock drilling may be your best option. Lock drilling typically requires a locksmith skilled in using a drill gun to bore through the lock. Prior to commencing the drilling, you and the locksmith should reach an agreement on the cost associated with this service to avoid any surprises.

What to Do If You’re Dealing with a Lockout? 

If you’ve found yourself in an emergency lockout situation and need to unlock your doors, your best option is to find a certified locksmith. 

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