How to Restore Your Home Security After a Break-In

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Did you recently encounter a home break-in? Home break-ins are the worst situations to find yourself in. Imagine coming back home from a tough workday only to realize the front door is unlocked and ajar. You go inside and realize the most expensive products are missing. Now you must be in a dilemma that we all can agree on, but this is not the time to grieve or stay in a state of shock. It’s best that you call 911 and report a break-in so the feds can be on their way to provide you with the necessary assistance.

So while you’re waiting for the feds to arrive, did you consider why the break-in took place at your home?

The answer to your query is, “bad locks.”

So without further ado, let’s explore how one can restore their home security after a break-in. 

What to Do at the Time of Break-In? 

First things first, signs of an intruder are imminent and you can readily detect them. A smashed window, muddy footprints, lost items and a forced unlocking of your front or back doors. So if you observe any of the signs in your home, best you leave them as it is and don’t change anything within the environment. 

Call the police at 911 and inform them about a break-in which you’ve recently experienced. 

Don’t walk around the crime scene as you may want to keep things the way they are rather than changing them. Leave the premises instantly because you don’t know if the intruder is still around in the home or not. If the intruder is still inside, there’s a possible chance that he can cause you some kind of damage, so stay well away from the crime scene. Wait for the cops to arrive at the location and handle the matter. 

Once the cops arrive, they will ask you a series of questions, so be prepared to answer them all. 

What Steps to Take in the Next 24-Hours? 

After the investigation, it’s time to analyze the damage the robbers have done to your premises. 

Create a checklist of all the things which have been stolen from you. If you have the receipts, they can be good enough proof to show the original price for the stolen items and can help you retrieve some insurance on them. Normally, insurance companies provide you with a form to fill out, which requires exact detailing like when you purchased the products and from where. Burglars can take things like your credit cards, passports, driver’s license & checkbooks, so make sure that you take precautionary measures before they misuse your private information. 

Repair Windows & Locks by calling a foreman and a professional locksmith. Foreman can analyze the damage done to your home’s furniture, doors, windows, or any other things related to the following. Whereas, a locksmith might be mandatory to call as they can fix your existing locks & enhance the security of your premises permanently. They have multiple traditional & modern lock options to ensure your premises may not succumb to another episode in the near future. They can also install CCTV cameras and alarm systems to send notifications & alert the relevant authorities. 

Contact the Bank to Report the Theft, so just in case, if the burglar or the intruder tries to use any of your bank credit cards or checkbooks, the bank can stop the transaction on the spot and alert the feds. 

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What to Do in the Next Few Weeks? 

In the next few weeks, invest your money in getting a more robust security system for your premises. After all, you don’t want to become a victim of a home break-in all over again now, do you? 

Criminals are now more aware, and they know when you leave the house & when you come back. If they plan on breaking into your premises, they will come with a complete fool-proof plan of action. 

So you best take the highest precautionary measures. Rig your place with CCTV cameras, high sensor systems, alarm systems, access control, modern lock system, and keep authorities on speed-dial. 

Just in case, if they plan on bouncing back, they should get a hell of a surprise. 

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