3 Things You Should Do if You Ever Lock Yourself Outside the House

home lockout situation

We all have been through this at least once in a lifetime; we reach home only to find out that we’ve forgotten the keys somewhere. Now what? We’re locked outside the house. Been there, done that, right?

Upon finding that you’re locked out, the first impulse is to knock the door down. But it would help if you don’t do such things in frustration because then you’ll have to spend a significant amount on its repair. So, to bypass this regret of losing your cool in the heat of the moment, it’s advised to try other ways that will not only unlock the door but also spare you regret and expenditure of money on fixing it. Here are three of those ways.

1) Make a Call for Help

Call your spouse, flatmate, or whosoever you share your apartment with and ask for help from them. It may be troublesome for them if they are on the other end of the city. Still, requesting them to come to the rescue can be your way out. You can shop, go to a coffee shop, or stroll in the meantime.

Alternatively, if you live in a rented place, it’s strongly recommended to contact your landowner. They must have a master copy of your flat key. 

In another scenario, if you live in an apartment building, it’s suggested to visit your building’s manager and seek help for regaining access to your apartment. It can be made possible by showing them proof of your residency: an ID card will usually suffice in this case. Upon confirmation, the manager will help you enter your flat.

A heads-up: Several apartment complexes charge an upfront lockout fee for helping you in this kind of emergency.

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2) Check If Any of the Windows or Doors to Your House Are Unlocked

Although the front door of your home is the best place to enter your premises, if you ever experience a home lockout situation and you don’t have the keys to access your front entrance, you can always resort to other options. Normally, a person wouldn’t leave any of their doors or windows open; but just in case, if you left your home in a hurry, then there might be a slight chance that you may have a door or a window unlatched. Go ahead, take a survey of your home, and see if you can access any other entrance. 

If you do find a window open, don’t just jump indirectly. First, remove the screen. Now lift the window and shimmy through. When entering your home through the window, take extra precautionary measures so you don’t go off-balance and drop-down hurting yourself. Be aware of sharp corners of furniture.

3) Call a Professional Locksmith in Your Area

If you’ve tried all the above two discussed scenarios and nothing worked in your favor so far, then we suggest that it’s time you should take out your smartphone and call a professional locksmith. Not only do they carry the best tools on them, but they have ample experience in unlocking your home doors safely. Besides, it will also save you the hassle of doing something as inconvenient as trying to break the lock on your front door and risk the security of your home for the time being. 

If a lockout occurs, you may wonder that you will have to end up investing a fortune. But just imagine, would it weigh heavy on your pockets if you only have to pay a locksmith $30 – $90 rather than paying the same amount or maybe additional with paying an extra cost for a new lock? In my opinion, getting a locksmith for your home lockout situation is the most convenient and affordable option for you. 

A professional and experienced locksmith is an infallible way of getting back inside your locked home.

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