Ways How You Can Retrieve a Broken Key from a Lock Easily

Broken Key from a Lock

One of the worst feelings you get is when you insert your keys in one of the locks and aggressively turn it.

Instead of hearing a click on the lock, you accidentally hear something breaking off and when you remove the key, only the top part comes off. Now isn’t this quite the tragic situation you may find yourself in? 

Are you having a hard time with a broken key bit stuck inside the lock? 

Here are some of the best ways you can retrieve a broken key from the lock. 

Use Tweezers to Pull the Key Bit Out

One of the first things which you can do to retrieve the key bit stuck inside the lock is to use the tweezers to pull it out. When choosing a tweezer to pull the key bit out of the lock, make sure you choose a tweezer that has relatively less thickness so it can easily enter into the keyhole. Most individuals often end up using the wrong type of tweezers and as a result, push the key bit further inside the lock. Make sure there’s enough space so when you insert the tweezers, they can easily fit around the key bit. 

If you’re using tweezers to pull out the key bit from the keyhole, make sure not to squeeze too hard on the tweezers. When you grip the broken fragment, remove it carefully so it doesn’t end up deeper. 

Using the Broken Key Extractor 

Another way to remove a stuck key bit from the lock is by using the broken key extractor. The tool is available in the market for purchase or you can call your local locksmith who normally carries the tool on them. The device has a long section with teeth at one end. You insert the tooth end inside the keyhole and work your way around with the key bit to remove it. Once the teeth come in contact with the key teeth, then you can easily pull out the stuck key bit from the lock. It can take one or several attempts to remove. 

In case, if you’re in an emergency situation, you can have a professional tool to deal with the removal of a broken key from inside the lock. To learn how to use the extractor, you can follow the instructions. 

You Can Use Super Glue to Remove Key Bit 

This method is more counterintuitive and is not normally practiced. It has a greater chance of failure than success. However, if you’re stuck in a key bit emergency situation and you’re running late on time, if you’ve super glue at your expense, then you can definitely make use of this option. The idea is simple, you need to spread the glue on a matchstick and stick it on the edge of the broken key bit to remove it. By chance, if you can’t see the key bit protruding from the keyhole, then my advice is to never try this method. 

Removing the key bit using the superglue method is a tricky task. Too much glue can end up leaving the match stuck inside, whereas two little pieces can fail to do the job. Unless you’re not sure how much is recommended, the advice is not to use this method to remove the key bit from the keyhole.

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Tapping the Cylinder 

Another way to remove the broken key bit from the cylinder is to remove the lock from the door. Turn the keyhole upside/down and tap the entire section to remove the key bit from the hole. You can use a hammer to strike the assembly continuously in order to remove the broken key bit from the keyhole or so. The only thing to take care of while using this method is to keep the lock steady.  

Let gravity do its thing. 

Call a Professional Locksmith

Removing the assembly can be a cumbersome task. Using glue to remove a broken key bit can be tricky. If you don’t know how to use a broken key extractor, then you can eventually end up breaking the key extractor as well. So why take the risk? Call a professional locksmith in Atlanta to remove the key bit from the locks. 

Fast Response Locksmith offers fast & reliable locksmith service to help you remove the keys. 

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