5 Situations Where Rekeying Locks is a Better Option Than Lock Replacement

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5 Situations Where Rekeying Locks is a Better Option Than Lock Replacement

What was the last time you relocated to a new place in your home town only to find the locks didn’t work? Since the locks built at your current premises are an important part of your home design, you are very likely not to choose to remove them. Homeowners are having a better choice nowadays. Fascinated by finding out. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with replacing the keys, but the truth is that when you have problems with your keys, that is not the only choice that you should try. Homeowners may consider the possibility of rekeying their doors, and it might turn out to be a safer option instead of entirely changing the locks on your home doors. 

What is Lock Rekeying?  

A rekey is the act of modifying a bolt so that it can be worked by another key. It’s a process that involves adjusting the lock’s tumbler configuration which enables a new key to operate while the old one doesn’t. The tumbler design involves a set of pins which will only support opening a lock with the appropriate key inserted. You may be able to do it if you ‘re familiar with door locks, but it’s best left to the experts as it’s a complicated task. If you do the rekeying yourself and make a mistake, it could compromise your home ‘s security. 

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A rekey ‘s benefit over a new lock is that a rekey doesn’t require the laborious and sometimes costly task of changing the entire lock. It is only replacing the pins within the lock and a new key function. Not only is this cheaper and easier than replacing the entire lock, but it’s also a great safety measure for homeowners, property managers, and realtors seeking peace of mind that their new key is the only key that will work with that particular lock.

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Why Rekeying Lock is a Better Option? 

  1.  You like to see the keys in a particular style or colour that matches your keychain or the colour of your locks, maybe. For e.g, if you’ve relocated to a new location and your locks are old and rusted, you may like a fresh, better-looking lock.
  2. High tech keys and advanced lock systems are the new trends these days and If you want your system updated and your keys modified to high-tech keys or wireless locks then rekeying could be your solution. 
  3. If you have locks of different types. You can lock Change your house and if you want all of them to operate with the same key.  You can modify certain locks so that all of your locks can be of the same quality, and then you can rekey them all to one. Simple and a modified solution for your key problem. 
  4. Rekeying your locks could also come in handy if you have lost a copy of your key and afraid someone may find it. It is a big risk that no one would be willing to take and a quick fix to this complication is rekeying. 
  5. Rented your place and want to keep the other person from entering your house or you just do not live alone now. Be calm and just rekey your locks.  

Concluding Thoughts

Lock rekeying is the best replacement for lock installation because effective lock rekeying saves you the hassle of spending a great deal of your time and budget in purchasing new looks and going around finding the right lock & key products. Instead, with lock rekeying, you don’t have to worry about getting new locks and the locksmith you hire will bring in the right tools along. They will rekey your locks & ensure they work well as new. Are you still looking for a locksmith in Atlanta GA? How about you hire an expert through us. 

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