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Do you worry about burglars breaking into your house and stealing your stuff? Well not anymore. Call a professional locksmith in Austell and get a dependable smithy right on the doorstep.

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Fast Response Locksmith is home to experts who have skillfully worked their fingers to the bone in mastering the art of fixing complex lock systems. They are well-versed in their skillset and have a significant edge in rekeying knowledge.



Residential Locksmith

Whether it is an emergency, a re-keying service, key replacement, installation or upgrading old locks, or any other residential locksmith serviceRead More »

Automotive Locksmith

We understand the importance of your time and that is why in case of emergencies, our team of expert automotive locksmithsRead More »

New Lock Installation

We can install new locks on the main entry, windows, garage, and interior, etc. Since we offer emergency locksmith servicesRead More »

Commercial Locksmith

Our certified and experienced technicians are capable of handling all commercial locksmith needs, ensuring that we have the right solution for your needs.Read More »

Car Key Replacement

Whether you need a new key of the car, duplicate key, or replicate a transponder key, we can help you with all kinds of duplication and car key replacement needs.Read More »

Car Key Programming

We use modern tools and techniques for car key programming that allows us to provide you with accurate and speedy solutionsRead More »

World Class Automotive Locksmith Service

Getting a car locked with the key inside can create some real anxiety especially when you’re in a hurry to reach your destination. If your car key fob is left inside the ignition and you have no idea how to get it, call the world-class automotive locksmith only from Faster Response Locksmith in Austell. We employ some of the best Austell locksmiths who will reach your location in a jiffy. Get your car lock fixed without hassle in no time.

Emergency Locksmith Service Only in Austell

Emergencies always come unannounced. Did you accidentally leave the gas on and locked yourself out of the house? Or maybe you’re a parent who unintentionally left a toddler inside the house with the keys? Such Emergencies can occur almost anywhere. But fear not, if you’re in Austell as we have some of the highly trustworthy locksmith professionals. They can fix just about any lock type in a matter of minutes.

Remarkable Residential Locksmith Service

Lost your keys to the front door? You can’t even find the spare ones for the garage? Well, fear not because Fast Response Locksmiths in Austell are here to the rescue. May it be a traditional house or a smart-home, our fine experts are skilled in fixing the most complicated locking mechanisms. They have years of on-hand experience in unlocking, repairing and rekeying. Get a top-quality affordable locksmith right at the door.

Commercial Locksmith Service Only in Austell

Is your cold storage unit lock stuck? Are you afraid that your shop door locks aren’t properly secured? Austell Locksmiths are highly skilled professionals who are qualified to fix and resolve any complicated lock. Whether the lock is from a commercial desk, storage unit, cashier’s machine, or anywhere else. At Faster Response Locksmith, we not only fix locks, but we also rekey your originals so you keep a spare.

Safeguard Your Safes with the Austell Locksmiths

Have you locked prized possessions in a safe and the passcodes have slipped away from your mind? Don’t worry! Give us a call and our team of experts will reach your house and help you resolve it. We can retrieve your prized possessions without hassle and in just a few minutes you will have them in hand. Not only are we skilled in opening safes by breaking locks, but we will also fix them without additional costs.